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december, 2017

30decCelodenné31Nuclear New Build Summit Egypt 2018 (Káhira, Egypt)


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Established in 2013, InforValue Consulting Company (InforValue) becomes a leading business knowledge provider and event organizer in Shanghai, dedicating to spreading industry knowledge and business information worldwide, and building platforms for the exchanges and cooperation between business decision makers. We stretch our businesses across the emerging economies in South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and as well as some other regions.

Our Vision
We firmly position ourselves as a landmark provider of B2B consulting service featuring high acclamation of customer. We pride ourselves in growing with your business all over the world.

Our Values 
To achieve the above vision, InforValue has drawn on a set of business values to guide our direction and action with Customer Realization, Integrity & Trust, and Collaboration for Success as our core values.

Our Uniqueness
We’re able to build a unique bridge between your business and regulators all over the world as we have a powerful advisory team including highest-ranking government officials, illustrious scholars, and industry experts. All of InforValue’ events have been organized in partnership with influential organizations

Organisers: InforValue Consulting


december 30 (Sobota) - 31 (Neďeľa)


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