The public television has posed a question: Who is the greatest Slovak? The results of survey among viewers will not be known until May. But today, we are interested in knowing who is the greatest Slovak in the energy sector. Read the views of personalities.

Will the author of turbines or the water dam builder become the greatest Slovak?

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Clearly, Aurel Stodola: for the development of steam turbines and their regulation, which forms the basis of the transformation of thermal energy into mechanical and then to electrical energy.

prof. František Janíček
Director, Institute of Power Engineering and Applied Electrical Engineering
FEI STU Bratislava:

For me, the greatest personality in the Slovak energy sector is Vladimir Seewald. He took care of the complex construction of the Vah river cascade, he participated in the preparation for the construction of the pump storage hydro power station Čierny Vah, he contributed significantly to the project of construction of the Gabčikovo-Nagymaros Waterworks, though at the end only Gabčikovo Waterworks was built. He designed the mathematical model for the Vah river cascade and its elements to optimize its production activity.
He created the dispatching centre for hydro power plants in Trenčin. He was involved in development of optimal management of the Gabčikovo-Nagymaros Waterworks from the perspective of optimization of the two power systems (Slovak and Hungarian). Vladimir Seewald was a recognized expert, outstanding operator, he was also known as a teacher, who by his activity went beyond the sectors of energy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, water works, hydrology, but also mathematics.

For me it is Aurel Stodola: for his contribution to the development of turbines and to educating many outstanding scientists, among them also Albert Einstein.


Juraj Kubica
Co-Founder of the National Renewable Energy Research and Application Centre:

Although I am not a fan of polls for the “greatest personality” among energy engineers in Slovakia, the name that arose immediately in my mind – Professor Peter Danišovič.
There were only few personalities that significantly changed the face of Slovakia as this builder of dams. Thanks to his expertise, skills and perseverance, the Orava dam, the Vah River cascade, and the Gabčikovo Waterworks were created. Peter Danišovič was the first Slovak to receive the degree of Doctor in Technical Sciences in Water Management (at ČVUT in Prague). He later made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Slovak Technical University.


When I am to say a name, I will say Professor Vladimir Slugeň. Throughout his career he has been selflessly advocating the importance and contribution of nuclear energy in Slovakia. At the same time, however, he also has a critical view on many aspects, even knowing how to find new topics for discussion, even though he has been doing this for years. As SNUS chairman for many years, he brings together the community of nuclear energy experts.